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@zoomitflash says:
here starts my favorite song
@rebeccawhite says:
wow really love this part <3
@bluevelvet says:
time to repeat


These are just some examples of what can be achieved with the power of zoomsounds audio player. Some of these customizations can be imported with one click! So you can kick start your project.

Audio Player with Comments
Radio stream
WooCommerce Shop
Big Wavo Skin
Pro player skin
Skin Silver
Add Any Buttons ( Social )
Top Charts
Grid 2 / Footer Player / WooCommerce
Preview on Hover / WooCommerce Grid
Grid 1 / Footer Player / WooCommerce
Minimal playlist with sticky player
With playlist
Four per row / search
Multiple skins
Two per row / search
Skin Aria
Tags filtering in sidebar
Footer Player Silver / Buy List
WooCommerce Audio Product Page
With a Playlist / Skin Default
Try Admin
Footer Player Silver / Gallery Grid
Can be launched in a ZoomBox
Minimal Approach
See it in the Default WordPress Theme
Skin Pro
Skin Minimal
See it in a Commercial WordPress Theme
With playlist and background
Just Thumbnail Players
Consecutive Background Players
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Realtime Spectrum Analyzer vs. Predefined Waveform

Features neverseen before on a stock audio player! You can amaze your viewers with realtime cutting-edge realtime spectrum analyzer. Or use a selfmade waveform. The waveform is self generated for every song, but do not worry, we provide tools to create the waveform in just two clicks!

only for skin-wave

Multiple Skins

Four skins to fit every need. You can set the color of the waves from the admin to fit your branding.

Check out skins!

Create playlists on the fly!

Creating playlists with zoomsounds is easy, peasy. Just create a playlist, and select your customization / skin settings. Integrating into your site frontend is done just by pushing a button and selecting your playlist!

All playlists have auto backup option, export option etc. ZoomSounds is the most complete audio player with playlist in the world.

Easy Backend

The backend does all the job for you. If you to insert just a single mp3, you just press the plus button above every post or page, drag your mp3 and it's done! If you want waveform generated for that mp3, conveniently placed auto generate buttons are there!

You can create unlimited player configs that you can reuse in any player or gallery via DZS Admin Panel V2

Try Admin!

Custom buttons

Add your custom buttons, like lyrics buttons, social profiles, share buttons etc. to the player with our visual editor. Just input the shortcode, or your own html code and the buttons will appear in the designeted zone.

Individual analytics

Analyze each track performance with advanced zoomsounds tracking technology - you'll always know how your tracks perform.

Customize the player

Add single players or playlists. Both have awesome admins in which you can easily choose your options. We created for this a new concept called Player configurations. You just setup your configuration including skin, preload method, etc. and you can use it in multiple places.

One minute setup

Create your playlists in one minute. With the new generation dzs playlist admin, creating playlists has never been easier.

Check out skins!

.. and many more!

Client Showcase

This is how our clients customized zoomsounds to their needs. These are just a few examples.

Zeds Dead Site
Chill Site
Audio Table
Recording Artist
Grid Play
Namaste Yoga
Audio Story
Cartoon Overlay
Audio Mini Table
Band Site
Rock Site
Audio Table
Color Run
Roboto Playlist
Purple Magic
John Breen Site
Pretty Lights
Daft Punk
Yellow & Gold
Pro Table
Music Store
Cutting edge
El perdon
Tablet showcase
Phone preview
Audio portal
Single players
Border shop
Hip hop streams
Coloured shop
Black white
Groove shop
Art music
Aloha store


Mobile ready! Retina ready! Tested on iOS and Android 4.0+. Responsive from mobile to HD due to CSS 3 Media Queries. Retina ready due to use of font icons and no images. Scales to any dimension!

Easy Install

Install WordPress Pricing Tables in just a couple of minutes. Docs are also there.


From mobile to HD, pricing tables are ultra responsive. Also has retina graphics.


Customize Pricing Tables with the awesome Builder included.

SEO Friendly

Built with SEO in mind, Pricing Tables parses html content into working magic.